Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm



In Goodgame Big Farm, you get to immerse yourself in the idyllic life of managing your own farm. It's a multiplayer simulation game where you start from scratch, building your dream farm in the peaceful countryside. Your tasks include laying new fields, hiring workers, and tending to crops and livestock.

Your initial goal is to take care of the farm handed down to you by your uncle, who left it in a state of disrepair. Through strategic planning and careful management, you can expand and enhance your farm by cultivating crops and raising animals. Begin with a small farm, complete tasks to level up, and unlock the ability to purchase new plots of land, thereby increasing your income.

Completing missions not only earns you additional money but also unlocks bonuses as you progress. With each level gained in Goodgame Big Farm, you'll have access to new buildings, crops, and animals to enrich your farm. So, don your virtual boots, grab your tools, and embark on your journey to becoming a successful farmer in this engaging simulation game!

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How To Play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.
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