Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream



Bad Ice Cream promises an exciting action and arcade experience, urging players to indulge in a fruity feast. The objective is simple – devour all the fruits while navigating through challenging levels filled with enemies. What sets this game apart is its multiplayer feature, allowing up to four players to collaborate and compete on a single computer.

To get on this frozen adventure, players must first choose their preferred ice cream control, with options like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Progressing through various maps, each representing a level, is essential for unlocking new challenges. With a total of 40 diverse levels, each lasting two minutes, players face the constant threat of failure, necessitating a restart to access subsequent levels.

Enemies pose a constant challenge, aiming to thwart your ice cream character's progress. With different types of enemies, each boasting unique abilities, players cannot defeat them outright. However, strategic use of ice can trap, divert, or slow down these adversaries.

Controls vary for each player, adding an extra layer of complexity and coordination:

Player 1: Arrow keys to move, spacebar to break or create ice.

Player 2: WASD to move, F to break or create ice.

Player 3: IJKL to move, U to break or create rocks.

Player 4: Buttons 8-4-5-6 to move, button 1 to break or create rocks.

Players are advised to strategize before breaking ice, finding ways to collect fruits without encountering enemies. Freezing enemies before harvesting cherries is a recommended strategy. Creating ice barriers can impede enemy progress, offering protection.

Go arboard a frosty adventure solo or with a friend in Bad Ice Cream! If the thrill captures your interest, explore similar games like Bad Ice Cream 2 and Bad Ice Cream 3 for more icy challenges.

How To Play

  • Collect all the fruit before the timer runs out.
  • Move - WASD or Arrow keys
  • Freeze - Space bar
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