Bad Ice Cream 3

Bad Ice Cream 3

Bad Ice Cream 3

Bad Ice Cream 3



Bad Ice Cream 3 is one of the most popular arcade games today, loved by gamers of all ages. Help the funny hero collect fruits in this game.

In Bad Ice Cream 3 challenges players to collect fruit while avoiding enemies and traps. As an additional obstacle, the player must also break ice blocks to achieve his goal. The player's goal is to fill his cone with as much fruit as possible before running out of time or being caught by an enemy. You will see your character standing in front of ice cubes and you can see some frozen fruits. you just need to get them out there. To get to them, your hero will need to cross the passage. To do this, he will use special bombs. Running to certain blocks, your hero will set off explosives. Now he must run back a certain distance so as not to be swept away by the blast wave. When ready, proceed with demolition. Nearby stone blocks will be destroyed and you will be able to pick up the items. For this you will be given points. Are you ready to join Bad Ice Cream 3 and help the hero collect all the fruits safely? Join now!

Bad Ice Cream 3 offers many levels and is addictive. You can play the game alone or with a friend. Don't forget to check out our Bad Ice Cream, Bad Ice Cream 2. Have a good time!

How To Play

  • Collect all the fruit before the timer runs out.
  • Move - WASD or Arrow keys
  • Freeze - Space bar
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